Gears for the Legendary Honda CR250 Elsinore

At MotoGears, we are dedicated to producing high-quality gears for motorcycles, ensuring peak performance and reliability for riders. We are proud to announce that we now manufacture gears for the legendary Honda CR250 Elsinore, a bike renowned in the motocross world for its exceptional power and agility.

Our gears for the Honda CR250 Elsinore are crafted with precision and engineered to meet the highest standards of durability and performance. We use premium materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure each gear can withstand the rigors of intense motocross racing.

For riders who demand the best for their Honda CR250 Elsinore, MotoGears offers gears that deliver unmatched quality and performance. Keep your legendary bike running at its peak with our expertly crafted gears.

  • CR250 Elsinore – GEAR COMP,C-LOW Gear 38t
  • CR250 Elsinore – GEAR, M/SHAFT 2ND Gear 22t
  • CR250 Elsinore – GEAR COMP, C-2ND Gear 35t
  • CR250 Elsinore – GEAR, M/SHAFT 3RD Gear 25t
  • CR250 Elsinore – GEAR,CT/SHAFT 3RD Gear 31t
  • CR250 Elsinore – GEAR,M/SHAFT 4TH Gear 28t
  • CR250 Elsinore – GEAR,CT/SHAFT 4TH Gear 28t
  • CR250 Elsinore – GEAR,M/SHAFT 5TH Gear 31t
  • CR250 Elsinore – GEAR,CT/SHAFT 5TH Gear 26t
  • CR250 Elsinore – GEAR, STARTER Kickstarter gear- 22t
  • CR250 Elsinore – COMP KICK Kickstarter gear – 29t
  • CR250 Elsinore – COMP KICK Kickstarter gear – 30t

All parts are made by MotoGears

In stock and ready to ship, available through our online shop, we ship worldwide.